We make technology work for you.

Technology on your terms

A website with Cloud-Six is more than a hosting service, it is fully-tailored and personal. Not only can we build and host your website, we can also manage it end to end with one-on-one consultations and direct-line customer service.

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Our Services


Website Design

Engage your customers with a custom design. We can build your online presence and ensure you are driving engagement with fully detailed traffic reports.


Cloud Storage

Collaborate with your team securely – share files, calendars and more. Access and share files on all of your devices with ease.



We protect your business-critical data obsessively. We store your fully encrypted backups in offsite storage to help ensure a full recovery.


Online Store Front

We can build a custom shop for you. We will work with you on inventory and shipping to take control of your business. Want to use Square, Stripe or Afterpay? We can do it all.


Password Vault

Security starts with a good password. Cloud Six can host a fully encrypted password vault for your organization to bolster your security practice.


Something else in mind?

Only you know your business and your needs – we can help make them a reality. If that happens to be a customized invoice platform or something else entirely, reach out – we can help.

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