Managed IT Services

Our goal is to make technology work for you. We can help protect business critical data and offer solutions that make sense. Each business is unique and we build solutions specifically for you.

Secure Cloud Based Backups

We know your business data is critical. We can help protect your data from malicious actors, malware or simply accidental deletion. We protect your data in encrypted cloud based storage to help ensure that your business data is safe.

Help When You Need It

Simply call or email us when you need help – we can jump in to your computer and help resolve issues as soon as they pop up. Don’t fight those pesky printer issues alone ever again.

Microsoft 365 Management

Cloud Six can help manage your MS365 environment and help ensure that your users have the proper access and licensing they need. We can help audit your environment and check on licensing, multi-factor authentication and more.

Cloud Storage for Your Team

Cloud Six can deploy a private cloud storage solution for your team and provide access controls to ensure your data is in the right hands wherever it is needed – from laptops to phones, your cloud is here.

Managed IT Services

Is technology managing you?


New Users

Did you hire someone and forget how to set them up? Do they need specific software installed? We can help deploy hardware so they can get their job done.


SharePoint Access

With MS365, we can protect critical SharePoint sites in your organization and make sure that your team members are able to work from the cloud.


Intelligent Security

With Cloud Six managed IT services, we can provide intelligent security tools that take advantage of machine learning to help detect and stop malicious activity in its tracks.


Windows Patch Management

Technology moves fast and new security threats are found every day. Cloud Six can help ensure that your environment is patched and up to date to minimize the risk of data loss or productivity.

Let’s Talk

Let us help you tame your technology

We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders and help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

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