We Make . Work For You.

We obsess over the small things. Unlike most hosting companies, we have full control of our servers to give us the most flexibility when it comes to our customers. We take care of it all so you can focus on your business.

Managed IT Services

A website with Cloud-Six is more than a hosting service, it is fully-tailored and personal. Not only can we build and host your website, we can also manage it end to end with one-on-one consultations and direct-line customer service. We also can provide visitor statistics and create custom campaign URLs to better track goals.

Collaborate with your team securely – share files, calendars and more. Access and share files on all of your devices with ease. Rest easy – all of your data is protected with daily backups that are encrypted in offsite storage.

Security starts with a good password. Cloud Six can host a fully encrypted password vault for your organization to bolster your security practice. You can securely access all your passwords on any device.

What good is your data if it is lost or corrupt? In the event of a disaster, we will work diligently to restore your data. We protect your business-critical data obsessively. We store your fully encrypted backups in offsite storage to help ensure a full recovery.

Cloud Six can also manage your Microsoft 365 to help make sure your team has access to the resources and subscriptions they need. We can also help with new user creation, password resets and more.

We use good security practices on everything we build. A website is not “set it and forget it” – we ensure your website is secure and fully up to date with any security updates it needs.

With Cloud Six Monitoring, if something goes wrong, we are on it. Most of the time we notice before you or your customers. If you think something may be wrong, let us know and we will work to resolve any issue.

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